I have been listening to your self-inquiry (course/experience) for the last 2-3 days and I must say it is amazing. I am just happy. I am simply resting in my true nature. Things are changing really, really fast in physical reality (for the best) and I am keeping focus only on me.

- Parveen Kaur, Microsoft Engineer

I’m ready to UNWIND RIGHT NOW…

The Case Against Rituals

The Unritual™ Process

Take a deep breath and ask yourself…

What does freedom ‘feel’ like?

Hi, I’m Dr. Anila Reddy, and If you’re anything like me it might take you a little time to answer that question. I mean, I thought I knew…and I thought I should know…but, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. The good news is I did know where to go to find my answer:


Why “silence”?

Because that’s where all the answers are.  

And it’s there I remembered what freedom felt like. Honestly, there’s nothing (and I do mean not one single thing) better.

Are you ready for some excellent news? Here it is:

Getting to that place was simple.

No Rituals. No techniques. No practices. No meditations. No affirmations. No journaling.

That’s right, there were no requirements, prepping, or prerequisites–Zero. Zilch. None.  

All I had to do was unwind.

And unravel.

And let go of the stories I was attaching myself to.

In that space, “silence”, the labels I clung to (like trophies of “significant” past events) just melted away. Gone, once and for all.  The truth is they were never “trophies”. If anything, they were…


And they were dragging me down as I drowned in a sea of anxieties often referred to (by sooo many people) as…

“Just life.”

Have you heard that expression? 

“Oh, that’s just life!” some will tell you, as if saying it possesses a magical, soothing power. Of course, they’re trying to be helpful.

But it’s not helpful.

They’re just the empty “words” of someone who feels powerless and living in a state of unrecognized victimhood. And chances are you’ve even whispered them to yourself (I have) as a way to explain away moments of stress, sadness, anger, or depression…

“Oh well, it’s just life,” you say, hoping to find relief in one of the worst affirmations e-v-e-r. I mean, seriously, do you really want to affirm something that feels so hopeless?

Let me share a lesson I’ve learned firsthand…


Loving your mini-course! It’s really helping me stay connected to my true self…this is a game-changer.

Sarah Baron, Quantum Art Therapist


This was exactly what I needed and, honestly, everyone needs. It’s what I needed to level-up as a conscious creator. listen to your inquiry in the morning and at night, and every single time there is something new I learn about myself.  

Julissa, Law Student

California, USA

Anila, where have you been all my life?! You’re amazing. I just watched your inquiry video, and wow!

Tahlia L, Disability Support Worker

United Kingdom

The idea that something is “just life” is total nonsense. Sure, it might be some people’s lives. But it certainly doesn’t have to be yours.

And once you discover how to quickly Unwind™ , unravel, and unlabel, never again will you tell yourself something feeling unpleasant, stressful, or upsetting is “just life”, because you’ll know…

It’s a lie.

Hers’s the truth: Your natural state, your essence, is peace, happiness, and harmony. It’s who “you” are. If you ever feel anything else, know it’s just a distortion…

One that can be momentary. Of course, the length of that “moment” is entirely up to you.

I suggest making it a very short one. Better yet, make it non-existent.

My Unwind™ mini-course is actually an experience. There’s just one module (a recording) plus a short ‘warm-up’ (also a recording). Nothing to read, write, or study,  and no theory or exercises. Yes, simple, yet so very powerful…

Because it will help you erase those joy-clouding, bliss-stealing distortions as it takes you on a journey back to who you are, back home, to peace, happiness, harmony, and a “wonder-full” sense of fulfillment.

Can you imagine what that feels like? 

Shut your eyes and imagine living from a space where you know and feel that there’s nothing missing from your life. Finally, you can say good-bye to “desire cravings”.

This is fulfillment. 

Oh, and you can stop “trying”, too.

You won’t have to try to do anything. Trying implies effort, but there’s none here. That’s right, no studying or practicing. No affirmations to rehearse. In fact, there’s  nothing to “do” except…


Yes, “listen”. 

In time, even that won’t be necessary. Because once you know how to unwind, unravel, and unlabel, you’ll go “home” to who you truly are. 

And guess what?

You’re going to discover you never actually left. So, there’s no place to travel back to. You’re already there!

It’s true. You are the only power giving life to your desires. You always have been. 

And you don’t need techniques like scripting, visualization, affirmations, etc. If you’re using any of these now, they’ll soon become an afterthought. Of course, if you want to play with any (or all) of them, you can. But once you Unwind™, they’re unnecessary. You can just lay them aside and rest in your power. 

Are you ready to discover what true freedom feels like?

Let go of the rituals and everything else that’s been holding you captive. Then watch your desires and dreams unfold like never before…in ways you wouldn’t imagine (and “imagining” isn’t required).  

If you only buy one “course” this year, make it this one.


It will help you set the tone (a “wonder-full” one) for the rest of your life and start you on an unbelievable journey. Believe me, all the things you truly want are already yours. 

To experience them, you need only to Unwind™. 

Your world awaits.

YES…I am sooo ready to go home!

I truly hit, as the Bible says, “the peace that surpasses all understanding.” Rather than battle with my mind, it just quieted with what felt like no effort at all. As if that wasn’t incredible enough, any desire to grasp onto the peace/neutrality/wholeness/fulfillment/satisfaction was completely absent. 
The process that you took me through was total stealth mode–it went right under my mind’s radar. I’m not worried about holding onto the feeling or trying to remember what you did during the process or trying to recreate anything or doing anything–I’m just resting in it (what’s ALWAYS here and has always been here and always will be).
- Diane DeGiorgio, Small Business Strategist

I was really struggling for a while, Anila…but your exercise really opened my eyes to see I was just holding on to a story and delaying things by saying I needed to fix them! I’ve felt stuck for forever, feeling I have to fix things…and really, I always felt I was going nowhere! But I feel the relief and now I don’t have to worry because it’s always there for me. What a great feeling, which is just my true nature! Your descriptions and images for examples of awareness of everyday things made it clear what our true nature is: awareness/fulfillment!

- Asha Morgan, Goverment Program Analyst

It was so lovely and relaxing…thank you for being here. It was like talking to a friend who helped me in “unlabeling” and giving meaning to everything and just relaxing in being I AM…and looking at everything from fresh eyes. I felt most relaxed and relieved at the end of it.

- Athira, Jewelry Designer

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