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The only rule you need to know for creating your ideal life is “there are no rules”.


It’s pretty simple. When it comes to creating the life of your dreams, there isn’t a rulebook because there are no rules.

And I’ll tell you why in a minute. But before I do, I want to let you in on something.

I already know a little about you.

You’re intelligent, well-read, and curious. You set ambitious goals and can be a little tough on yourself when you fall short. But you don’t give up easily. That’s what led you to discovering how you can deliberately create your reality.

Maybe your journey went something like this…

When you first found out, you were excited. A new world opened right before your eyes. The possibilities were limitless. There was absolutely nothing beyond your reach.

It was kind of like finding “The Holy Grail”, and you owned it. Yes, deliberate creation was the key to a better life, a better everything. After all, just about every Facebook and Instagram post you read said it was along with a hundred or more YouTube videos.

So, it had to be true. Yes, you were all in

For a while.   

Then IT happened.


Yes, “IT”….

After putting into practice what you thought needed to be put in practice, things didn’t show up quite as fast as you expected.

Or at all.

And you ran into a few speed bumps.

Doubt surfaced. It was followed by a sinking feeling in your stomach.

Then came the whispers in your mind’s ear.

“Your life will never really change,” they said.

More doubt set in. And a “thought”, one you didn’t anticipate, showed up. You ignored it at first. But the more you did, the louder it became. Soon, it was impossible to ignore. You had no choice; you needed to confront it head on and the thought a voice…

“Maybe all of this is over-hyped “woo-woo” nonsense. I should have known better. None of this will ever work for me.

The idea of deliberately creating your reality, exciting at first, now felt like a struggle. At best, it was a “hit-or-miss” proposition.

Which was frustrating as hell.

After all, you put in the time, made the effort, and believed.

Still, even though you questioned whether it was all for nothing, you sensed there was more. A lot more. You knew you were close, so very close.

And now you’re here.

It’s been only 2 days but I already feel so much lighter after facing all the triggers that have been coming up…I already manifested many things like discounts, passed exams, even health for my friend and an improvement in her relationship. I know I won’t stop here, since there is no playing big or small.



Anila walked me through her tools and gave me some great insight to carry forward as a lifestyle change. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I can definitely say that I feel so much more peace and joy within. I’ve been able to truly get out of my mind ever since and live in the present moment. I feel empowered….

-Priyanka C.


My favorite part of our sessions has to be literally everything. I manifested so much love in my life after years of this being a stale desire that I struggled with. Anila understands me and sees beyond just my words, she understands the underlying feeling and I have had AHA! Moments in our sessions.”




First, I’m here to tell you that you were (and are) right. There’s “more”, a lot more. So much more, in fact, that if you continue your journey, you’re going to get flat-out drunk (in the best possible sense) on what’s coming your way…

And you’ll go beyond “feeling good”. Far beyond. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Let me be completely honest with you…

 You’re not alone.

Most of us who have been on this path, the one leading to a life of true (and lasting) peace and happiness, have been “there”. Most of us have experienced the above or some version of it.

And yes, I can relate (in a very BIG way).

Okay, so where are you today?