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Our Desires Are Our Destiny

YES, I get it.

You’re in what feels like a perpetual time crunch. Every day, you have about 7 minutes between each engagement, commitment, and obligation. 

And in those 7 minutes, you’re supposed to “technique” your way into bliss

You know, that reality you’ve been longing for.

But by the time you figure out what to do and how to do it, then slip into a state of ease, those 7 minutes are gone. They mysteriously evaporated…

Just. Like. That. (Again.)

And like the last time (and the time before that) there’s not one micro-minute left to put into practice all those things you think are necessary to get you where you want to go. 


Let’s be honest. When we’re hungry for our desires, binging on a buffet of magical manifesting concepts, processes, and techniques can feel strangely satisfying and even intoxicating–at first. But, just like junk food, this “binging” thing…

Remember, our desires are our destiny.

1)  Has little (or no) nutritional value;

2)  Provides zero long-term benefits; and,

3)  Is definitely not the vehicle for getting you to where you want to go.

“Okay, Anila ‘Einstein‘, what is the “vehicle”, then?”

I’m glad you asked. Here you go:

A streamlined, organic, and “in-the-moment” approach…

One that connects you with your ideal life.

It’s not rocket science or time-consuming. And it only requires (gently) directing your imagination and returning you back to your true Self.

Why does it work? Because…

Self is both the engine and the ignition switch for turning on your most awesome (even orgasmic) days on this place called “earth”.

I am feeling just delicious today. I’m just resting in it and feeling so very relaxed (physically, mentally, emotionally). I just want to giggle. I feel so giddy! Again, thank you!

Diane DeGiorgio, Small Business Strategist

Greenville, South Carolina

“Raise Your Hand If…”

Have you ever had any of these not-so-quiet questions rolling around your head? These are some of the more common and exhausting inner-conversations goin’ on with the people we run into everyday…or when you look in the mirror:

    • “I know I’m worthy of my desires, but I don’t think I can get __________ (fill in the blank).”
    • “I need to (want to, should) completely erase my negative beliefs and judgments.”
    • “I wish I could upload a new identity directly into my brain.”
    • “I’m a little (or a lot) lost when it comes to untangling my disappointments, worries, and fears.”
    • “My mind feels like a freakin’ maze and I have no time to figure out how to get through it.”
    • “I’m so ready for my life to be my dream life, the one I’m always thinking of and journaling about…”


Let me ask you a personal question. Are you…

  • Fed-up with psycho-babble quick fixes, like cutting down on social media, staying away from the news and certain people, playing with “self-focused” apps, scripting, lighting candles, incense, and endless affirmations?
  • Done with all the other feel-good-now fads, like motivational webinars, goal-setting “challenges”, and whatever else is trending on Instagram?

Oh, and what about this:

“Self Care.” Of course, you know it’s all the rage (and not a luxury), but…

You just can’t commit to a thorough mindset spring-cleaning. So, you push your mental rehab drills to the weekend.

“I’ll get to it then”, you say to yourself (knowing you “might”, but only after you run out of all your other entertainment options).


The last thing you want to do on your days off is slog through a bunch of exercises. (I’m totally with ya.)

Then, there are times when you’re just plain “bored” (i.e., disguised anxiety) so…

You drown yourself in television, movies, and music, and take breaks to find “something” in the fridge (even though you’re not really hungry). 

Then there’s the phone.

No doubt, you’d love getting more advice and some comforting words from your friends. But that “ain’t gonna happen” because…

A) You’ve reached the point where you’re sick and tired of hearing yourself replay worn-out stories; and,

B) Your friends are sick and tired of hearing them, too. 

Now what?


Maybe you’re like me and most of the people I work with:

You want relief now, in real-time, without trying to remember a bunch of hit-or-miss, often confusing, rules, techniques, and processes.

Who needs that headache? Besides…

Now is the only time that exists–or matters. So, what if you could, starting right now…

  • Ditch your doubts and get a clean slate in any relationship–or for your entire life?
  • Isolate yourself from fear, failure, frustration, insecurity, and downward-spiraling relationships?
  • Instead of just reading your favorite inspirational quotes and metaphors, turn them into your “lived” experiences?
  • Create an “Of course, I’ve got that!” life that runs on autopilot–just like breathing?
  • Stop worrying about and obsessing over how to tweak your life at every twist, turn, and speed bump?
  • Eliminate, f-o-r-e-v-e-r, thinking you need to train and control your “stubborn” mind and overbearing, out-of-control ego?
  • Remain completely unaffected and unbothered by random “psycho” (or worse) thoughts?

Look, I don’t know how you’re living your life. But, I can tell you from personal experience that when I was done with the doubts, disappointments, and frustrations, I was absolutely, 100 percent, “done”.

And I’m so glad.

What about you, are you ready to glide into a new way of living?

Please pass the bliss.


Let’s think about this for a minute. Maybe it’s time to change your relationship with those…



Mind-numbing head games you’ve been playing.

“Head games”?

Yeah, the ones stressing you out, making you anxious, and even feeling guilty as you think to yourself… 

“HOLY CRAP! I didn’t practice that technique (or process or exercise) for the past 2 days. Dammit. I’m never gonna get this…or what I want…or ever feel good about my life.”


That’s just a bunch of B.S. (“bad stuff”) your over-reacting mind is feeding you.

Don’t listen.

Instead, if you’re going to listen to anything, hear this…I’ll try to make it loud-n-clear:

YOU (yes, you) can go from…

“UGH, why can’t I just stick to this practice?” to…

“OMG, this is the only way I want to live!”

And you can do it in less time than it takes to binge-watch an entire season of “Gossip Girls”. Much less…as in a single 30-mintue episode.


Not to binge-watch the latest Netflix addiction, but because…

You really, really, really want to focus on those wonderful things you’ve been missing, or spend time with people and places and activities that make your heart sing, and shower yourself with the really good stuff life is made of, like:





Fulfillment. (Yes, feeling completely satisfied with yourself and your life.)

And you wouldn’t mind a double-helping, would you? While you’re at it…

Why not put your “manifesting” (i.e., making your aims/goals/desires appear) on autopilot?

You absolutely can.

All you have to do is stop wasting your time and energy on dead-end techniques, processes, and rituals. Instead, invest in your life, because…

You are a guaranteed investment, one with unheard of, crazy-ass returns. YES, you are the golden goose, the one that lays the golden eggs.

Always have been.

Always will be.

OMG, I feel sooo light and peaceful. Within minutes, I felt peace! Peace that I was “trying” to be, to “find”, for weeks! Many thanks, again. 😊🥰 You are amazing!

Jenn Blais, Chief Intelligence Officer

Sydney, Australia


It’s your life and your story. And you get to write it however you wish.

Here’s where I come in…

I guide people to stop lurking and start living– because there’s a lot more to life than watching other people live theirs.

Let’s write the story you want to live.

Let’s make it as exciting and fun and fantastic and as amazing as you can stand. There are no limits.

Zero, zilch, nada, none.


Starting now, there’s no need to waste your time scouring the internet, hoping to find manifestation groups, forums, and videos promising you the secret sauce

Look, you’ve done that. And (probably without knowing it) have put your life “on hold” so one day, some day, you can finally be happy. 

It’s not fun. 

It’s not satisfying. 

And, if we’re going to be completely honest with each other, it just sucks… 

All the joy out of living. 

Not sure what “relief”, “fulfillment” or moments of 100% certainty feel like?

It’s time you did. All you have to do is start.


I ask a few challenging questions (no, not Calculus 2 or Advanced Physics-type questions; these are waaay more fun) designed to help you let go of your old stories…

Just like a bad habit. I mean droppin’ them for good!

Our sessions aren’t about filling your head with more knowledge, because more knowledge doesn’t feel fabulous (or even like “relief”).

And feelin’ “fabulous” is the desire.

So these sessions are about guiding you into your desired experiences and bringing them to life!

Know this…

I simply reflect everything you already innately are back to you.

You contain all the answers. I’m a mirror–and, while this might not make total sense to you now, it will. I promise.

Together, we’ll unscramble all the clutter and debris commonly mistaken as “knowledge”, the stuff that’s been clouding the sun (YOU!), and resurrect it as a “gift”, all yours…

Beautifully wrapped, forever shiny and new, and always awesomely satisfying.


Yes, you’ve been ready!

Shoot me a message and we’ll set up a free, 100% confidential “clarity call”. From there, we’ll both know if we’re a fantastic fit!


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