Ready To Play?

I create courses you get to play with.

Play with them how?

With “magical curiosity”, that’s how! Kinda’ like the way children approach each new day and every fresh experience–and even not so fresh ones…

With new eyes. 

Remember doing that?

Talk about exciting! I mean, everything was a brand new tingly adventure. Full disclosure: Just the memory of this makes me smile and I’m gettin’ a few goosebumps. Give me just a second, will ya?

(Okay, I just wanted to roll around in that for a bit. Let’s keep going!) 

Now, for me, being a child went something like this: There was a massive sense of wonder combined with the innate understanding that anything and everything was possible!

It was a state, one with zero restrictions, no boundaries. Yes, total freedom (at least until some well-meaning adult stepped in).  

If I had to guess, I’d say it was the same for you! 

I invite you to re-enter that mysterious, curious, fun-loving, “the world is my oyster” state as you move through each course at your own pace. 

You might look at it as a journey, one that unfolds as you ask yourself questions, confront your doubts and face any lingering (known or not-yet-known) fears begging your attention.

In doing this, you’ll move beyond all of them. Remember…

The way out is the way through.

And on the other side is something infinitely remarkable.

It’s where you’ll discover… 

The way out is the way through.

A fuller, even breathtaking, sense of who you truly are.

Let’s be honest…

You’ve always suspected there was “more”. I’m here to tell you there is. And it’s beautiful. These courses open the gates, welcome you in, and show you how to experience it…

How to experience “You”.

I’m talking about the real You, not some distorted version that rears its head from time to time when you least expect it or at the most inappropriate moments. (Seriously, is there ever an appropriate moment?)

And it’s not the one you sometimes have a hard time recognizing in the mirror and ask…

“Where did you go; where’s the me I know that’s somewhere out there…?”

No. No. No.

All of that ends right now. It’s time to step into “clarity”, to go “home”, back to You. It’s the only place you ever need to be. So…

Begin this amazing journey with your eyes wide open, knowing there’s more to life than watching other people live theirs and that your desires are your destiny.

One more thing…

About that unrestricted, let ‘er ripballs-to-the-wall, full-speed ahead freedom and excitement you knew “way back when”, when you were a child…

It hasn’t gone anywhere.

Your Desires are Your Destiny!

Courses to Change Your World.

Manifesting Love 2.0

The HEARTS Class

States of Love


Dive in + change your world, now.

You’ll find a full description and the nitty-gritty details for these courses by clicking on the above links. Just so you know, you’re going to land at “, my other nest, where you’ll find some mind-tingling posts and…

“Imagining Creates Reality: A quick-start guide” on how to create your perfect life”. It’s free and (to quote one reader) epic!

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Stay playful, talk soon, love always…

Anila is a breath of fresh air, special, and truly unique not only in what she brings to the table but also how she brings it to the table.

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