The only rule for living your ideal life is…

There Are No Rules.

“The only rule for living your ideal life is There Are No Rules”

Our Desires Are Our Destiny

There’s something you should know: When it comes to living your ideal life, there isn’t a rule book…

Because there are no rules.

And I’ll tell you why in a minute. But before I do, I want to let you in on something else.

I already know a little about you.

You’re intelligent, well-read, and curious. You set ambitious goals and can be a little tough on yourself when you fall short.

But you don’t give up easily.

That’s what led you to discover how you can deliberately create (“manifest”) your reality.


Maybe your journey has unfolded something like this…

When you first found out, you were excited. A new world opened right before your eyes. The possibilities were limitless. There was absolutely nothing beyond your reach.

It was kind of like finding “The Holy Grail”, and you owned it. Yes, deliberate creation was the key to a better life…

A better everything.

After all, just about every Facebook and Instagram post you read said it was (along with a hundred YouTube videos).

So, it had to be true. Yes, you were all in

For a while.   


We all have “stories”. True or false, they create our individual experiences! Ready for more “awesome” in your experiences?


Yes, “it”.

Things didn’t show up quite as fast as you expected. Or at all. And you ran into a few speed bumps. Doubt surfaced. A sinking feeling in your stomach followed.

Next, you heard the whispers in your mind’s ear. “Your life will never really change,” they said.

And you couldn’t help thinking that, maybe, all of this is over-hyped “woo-woo” nonsense and you should have known better.

The idea of deliberately creating your reality, while exciting at first, now felt like a struggle and a “hit-or-miss” proposition.

And it was frustrating as hell. After all, you put in the time, made the effort…

and believed.

Still, even though you question whether or not it was all for nothing, you sensed there was more, a lot more.

And now you’re here. I’m so glad you are, because…

You’re right! There is a lot more. And I have some awesome things to share with you based on my personal, life-transforming experience. So, we really need to talk, soon! 

Are you ready to meet an easy-going, breezy, lighthearted, happy, fulfilled, full-of-life character in your mirror?


Hello! I’m Dr. Anila Reddy

A Conscious Imagination Coach™ (just call me Anila). As a “conscious imagination coach”, I’m your mirror…

I reflect your brilliance back to you. How does that work?

Let’s say you and I are working one-on-one…

Together, we get to the place where you (finally) rule  your emotions so they never rule you again! Once we get there, you’ll discover buried treasurer:

I’m not talking about some faint representation of it, something close”, an “almost”.


I mean your true desires.  

I know, I know, that’s what you’ve been trying to do. And, up ’til now, you’ve been let down. But, here’s the thing…

I also know that the “missing piece” between where you are today and where you want to be is just a simple shift away. And I can show you how to (literally) bend reality to create the experiences you’ve been craving.

It’s true…

As a physician, I understand how the body, mind, and Self (soul) integrate to form the whole of you. Yes, the “whole you”.

Not only do my clients tell me how their lives change almost instantly, but they tell others, too!

This is why…

I coach mega-successful entrepreneurs, executive-level professionals, physicians, life coaches, mental health practitioners, moms, dads, singles, and other multifaceted, kick-ass human beings just like you.

And that brings us to ‘now’.

I know there are other coaches to choose from who are very good at what they do. But what I offer is something most can’t: a true holistic perspective.

You see…

As a physician, I understand how the body, mind, and Self (soul) integrate to form the whole of you. Yes, the “wholeyou…every wonderful, amazing aspect. And…

Together, we’ll unveil not just ‘some’ of your brilliance, but all of it.

Ready to shine?

You can, because your desires are your destiny.

And I’m here for you, as your personal conscious imagination coach and manifestation guide (but only if we’re a good fit).

“I am simply a mirror reflecting your awesome self back to you…and it’s a privilege to do so!”


Yep! Here’s why:

+ You refuse to settle for anything less than a stunning, no-limits life—one where you magically draw unbelievable people, circumstances, and opportunities to your doorstep.

+ You’re ready to rock that business-savvy, happily-partnered, uber-successful life…but sometimes wonder, “Who do I think I am to have such lofty ambitions? I just need to be more realistic…” (No, you don’t.)

+ Instead of dreading Monday while daydreaming about Friday (the entire week) you want to wake up every morning on fire—because anything less than your “A-game” might come back to bite you in the ass.

+ You have a very strong feeling that there’s more to life than watching other people live theirs. 

+ You have unpaid bills, ignored texts, and unanswered emails piling up. Most days, life feels better in bed…alone and (preferably) in the dark.

+ Your “problems” out-pace any excitement that occasionally trickles in.

+ Life isn’t very satisfying (or is mostly boring) and something tells you there’s more, “a lot more”. (That something is right.)

+ You’re tired of (and frustrated with) playing around. You just want what you want. Your mouth is watering and you’re 100% ready to binge on ‘awesome’. 

+ You love ongoing residuals. With me, you’ll experience a natural and fluid butterfly effect, where the smallest insights create massive ripples. Moment-by-moment, your life will unfold in the most magical and unexpected ways.

Are you ready?

Anila walked me through her tools and gave me some great insight to carry forward as a lifestyle change. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I can definitely say that I feel so much more peace and joy within. I’ve been able to truly get out of my mind ever since and live in the present moment. I feel empowered….

Priyanka C., Physician

United States - IG: @priyankac12

It’s been only 2 days but I already feel so much lighter after facing all the triggers that have been coming up…I already manifested many things like discounts, passed exams, even health for my friend, and an improvement in her relationship. I know I won’t stop here, since there is no playing big or small. It’s, without exaggeration, a course filled with wisdom for a lifetime. 

Gossia, Student

Warsaw, Poland - IG: @lllllllukawska

My favorite part of our sessions has to be literally everything. I manifested so much love in my life after years of this being a stale desire that I struggled with. Anila understands me and sees beyond just my words, she understands the underlying feeling…and I’ve had “Aha! Moments” in our sessions.

Janice Castelino, Accountant

Melbourne, Australia - IG: @nienna16

11 Random Facts About Me

Along with coaching amazing, extra-ordinary humans + being a medical doctor + published author, here are a few (or more) personal side notes.


I know who I am and have zero time or patience for perfectionism. I think chasing happiness or the next “high” is a recipe for disaster. You can’t chase the horizon, can you?


Where I’m from, we’re taught all journeys lead to knowing our authentic self. There’s nothing outside of us that causes us pain and suffering…or peace, joy, and happiness.


I’m a “If one finger is pointing at them, then there are three fingers pointing to me” kind of girl. I don’t play the blame game and take 100% responsibility for everything in my life.


Four years ago, I was drowning in insecurities concerning my platonic, romantic, and family relationships. Today, my relationships “rock”. It’s not a miracle; I’m a good swimmer. Okay, really…it was all about me changing my self-concept. 


I’m from the beautiful country called “India”…you know, the mother of self-inquiry, all things consciousness, nirvana (not the band), algebra, chess, yoga, and “namaste”.


I obsess over “autonomous sensory meridian response” (ASMR) sounds, especially the eating ones. Yes, the “munching” of Lay’s Potato Chips is music to my ears. Yes, it’s weird.


 My love affair with conscious living began with mainstream law of attraction sources (e.g., “The Secret ”) and evolved into the deeper non-duality/consciousness teachings. It was like “coming home”.


I think an ego-free life is “da bomb”. I enjoy challenging my states of mind and dissolving the ego/human self. It’s how I transformed from a self-conscious, anxious ugly duckling to a confident, compassionate coach and entrepreneur.


The old me took up very little “space”, was nervous around people, withdrawn, introverted, and desperately looked for outside approval. But that’s history.


I can’t get enough cheesecake (or Lay’s Potato Chips).


I love what I do, transforming daydreams and desires into real-life realities…especially for people like you who know “good” just isn’t good enough.


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